Dec 07, 2021

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  • PA TV brags: Israeli “security system can be brought down by a spoon,” lauds 6 escaped terrorists

The PA is still bragging of the escape of the 6 terrorist prisoners in September, despite their recapture. The terrorists succeeded in escaping by widening the hole of the shower drainpipe in the floor of their cell with a spoon, and then fleeing through the underground piping system.

The PA has turned the spoon into a symbol. One example is this trailer for the weekly PA TV program “Giants of Endurance” – a program made exclusively for the benefit of the terrorist prisoners who enjoy access to PA TV in the Israeli prisons. The trailer shows a sculpture of a fist clutching a spoon and a spoon decorated with a keffiyeh, the Arab headscarf:

Official PA TV host: “Our map is one and will not be divided, and our heroes have taught you [Israelis] a lesson that your gate of barbed wire won’t close on freedom, and that your security system can be brought down by a spoon wrapped in a keffiyeh of Palestinian heroism.”

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