Oct 17, 2021

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There is probably no bigger failed state in the world than Lebanon. Beirut, which was once considered to be the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ is now just, the Beirut of the Middle East.

From autonomous nation to Iranian outpost

That’s because it went from an autonomous nation to an Iranian outpost following the Hezbollah terror group’s virtual overnight power grab. Today, the once flourishing nation suffering from unprecedented fuel shortages, which this week shut down its main power stations. The development is just another example of Lebanon’s continuing spiral towards outright ruin, and it all seems to have been prophesied in the Book of Ezekiel.

Tha’s because chapter 26 in Ezekiel entirely deals with Lebanon’s imminent downfall. The chapter speaks of Tyre, which was the Phonecian capital of Lebanon at that time.

For example, it is written in Ezekiel 26:5:

She shall be in the heart of the sea A place for drying nets; For I have spoken it —declares Hashem. She shall become spoil for the nations (Ezekiel 26:5)

Nebuchadnezzar’s plundering of Tyre

Although the prophecy refers to the Nebuchadnezzar’s plundering of Tyre as punishment for the city’s inhabitants gloating over Jerusalem’s misfortunes, the prophecy seems to be as relevant today as ever. For example, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, who really runs Lebanon, warned in a recent speech that any “violation” of Jerusalem would result in a regional war that could involve pro-Iranian groups from several countries. He also said that his “Axis of Resistance” promises to “defend Jerusalem.” This type of gloating could have been precisely what Ezekiel was referring to. Another example of this type of ‘gloating’ happened in May when Nasrallah warned Israel regarding their latest Gaza operation ‘Guardians on the Wall’ to “not misjudge Lebanon, as you did with Gaza, knowing that our situation is different.”

The prophecy about Lebanon becoming a ‘spoil for the nations’ seems to have merit today as well. That’s because, following the infamous Beirut blast of 2020, China has targeted the northern port of Tripoli as a key link for Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Lebanon has also been reported to be a Chinese business target.

This might also be referenced in the 12th passage:

They shall plunder your wealth And loot your merchandise. (Ezekiel 26:12)

Effective bankruptcy

Fuel shortages triggered by a foreign exchange crisis forced Lebanon into effective bankruptcy. Daily life has been virtually paralyzed as fuel dries up because the country lacks the dollars to pay for it..a “place for drying nets” indeed.