Oct 17, 2021

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A group of more than 120 bereaved families sent a letter to outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel blasting Germany’s funding of “far-left political organizations” in Israel.

The letter, which was penned by the Choosing Life Forum of Bereaved Families together with the Zionist watchdog Im Tirtzu, was sent to Merkel as she arrived in Israel on Sunday for her final visit as chancellor.

Im Tirtzu activists holding signs reading “Germany: stop funding political NGOs in Israel” also staged a demonstration outside the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where Merkel is staying.

“Over the past several years, Germany alone has funded 34 political organizations in Israel, all of whom are affiliated with the far-left,” stated the letter, which was written in German, English, and Hebrew.

“From 2012 – 2021, Germany has provided these organizations with NIS 84, 204, 316 (22.5 million euro) – a tremendous sum, especially by Israeli standards.”

According to the letter, Germany funds these organizations through both direct and indirect funding via the German Foreign Ministry and governmental organizations, respectively. These Israeli organizations promote the BDS movement, work to exert international pressure on Israel, work to change Israel’s immigrations policies, and even work to change Israel’s policy against terrorism by means of legal and international pressure.

“Seventeen percent of the 22.5 million euro funded by Germany to these radical groups has gone toward organizations that provide legal protection to murderous terrorists and their family members in Israeli courts.  These organizations include HaMoked, Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and Adalah. For example, in recent years “HaMoked” has provided legal protection for 81 terrorists and their families. These terrorists are responsible for the murder of 77 people.”

The letter continued: “Today, every potential terrorist knows that regardless of how many Israelis he will murder, he will receive top-line legal defense courtesy of the German taxpayer. Furthermore, Germany also provides funding to the Palestinian Authority, which infamously provides monthly salaries to terrorists for murdering Israelis. Thus, unwitting German citizens are being taken advantage of to promote terrorism.”

The letter concluded:  “In short, the government of Germany is working subversively and undemocratically to change the character of another democratic state – a state that provides more human rights than any other in the Middle East – by funding domestic organizations that openly work to undermine it.

“The hard-earned tax money of German citizens would be better spent on their own welfare, not on fueling the flames of the conflict in another country.”