Oct 17, 2021

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Iranian state television is claiming that its navy chased a US fleet in the Persian Gulf. Video footage showing Revolutionary Guards cheering as they tailgated the American vessels, was released by the ICRG.

The video shows at least one US-flagged frigate with approximately six personnel on board as two speedboats seem to be chasing it away.
A voice in the video can be heard saying in Farsi: ‘Keep chasing them,’ as his crewmates jeer and whistle in the background. The report did specify when the encounter took place.
The United States Navy said it was unaware of such an encounter at sea in the last few days.

It is entirely possible that the Iranian speedboats were simply following the vessel giving the impression that they were ‘chasing’ them as a type of propaganda optic.
The US vessel in the clip is a Riverine Command Boat, a 52ft quick military assault seacraft that is often deployed in the Strait. The Riverine features three deck-mounted .50 caliber Browning M2 machine guns as well as a 40mm Mk19 grenade launcher.
In 2016, ten American sailors were captured and humiliated by the IRGC after they accidentally steered their Riverine into Iranian territorial waters.
It was later discovered that the crew deviated from their course significantly were not aware that an island they passed was a known base for the Iranian Navy.