The report also claimed that Israel has “a military airport in Azerbaijan, in addition to monitoring, reconnaissance and espionage sites, and that it permanently flies spy planes from this airport in the direction of Iran. The sources also say that two Israeli F-35 planes are always present in Azerbaijan, and Israel can bring in another number of its fighters there when needed.”

The author of the report was Majdi Al-Halabi, a well-known Israeli Druze journalist.

On March 29, 2012, officials stated that Israel was granted access to airbases in Azerbaijan through a “series of quiet political and military understandings.” These airbases could potentially be used in a strike against Iran over its nuclear program and other tensions with Iran, and would be allowed by Azerbaijan. Israeli and Azerbaijani officials denied these reports. On September 30, 2012, it was reported that Azerbaijan and Israel jointly examined the use of Azerbaijani air bases and spy drones to help Israeli jets perform a long-range strike on Iran. This would help Israel with regard to issues with refueling, reconnaissance, and rescuing crews, and could make an attack more feasible.