Oct 23, 2021

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Israel’s Ministry of Tourism is working on a plan to permit vaccinated tourists into the Jewish State starting from November, The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday.
A spokesperson confirmed that the proposal’s outline is now being reviewed by the Ministry of Health.
The aim is to allow foreign nationals who are vaccinated with an inoculation recognized by the Health Ministry, and who are also owners of their country’s green passport, to visit Israel.
In April, as Covid data became increasingly upbeat and Israel was hailing the alleged success of its vaccination campaign, the Ministry of Tourism presented a plan to reopen the country’s borders to foreign tourists after more than a year.
Towards the end of May, the initial groups of vaccinated tourists touched down at Ben Gurion Airport. Individual tourists were meant to follow suit at the beginning of July. But then a new outbreak began postponing the plan to the beginning of August, only to be indefinitely put on hold.