Aug 16, 2022
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Iranian media posted videos of Vice President Kamala Harris; one in which she was critical of US border agents, perpetuating a libelous fake news story, and another in which she gave tacit agreement to a student who accused Israel of genocide.

Last week, Harris paid a visit to a political science class at George Mason University in northern Virginia to mark National Voter Registration Day. During the question-and-answer session, a student who identified herself as “part-Yemeni, part-Iranian” confronted the vice president, accusing the US of helping to fund Israel’s efforts at “genocide”. Rather than correct the student’s reference to Israel committing “genocide”, Harris praised her opinion.

This episode generated consternation among pro-Israel people, leading the Harris office to engage in damage control, announcing their commitment to Israel.

But Iran was thrilled, praising the VP. Press TV, the social media account for Iranian state media, tweeted out the video of the exchange. 

This marked the second time in one week that the Iranian media showed an interest in Harris. Last week, the Biden administration criticized the Border Patrol, citing a news report that falsely accused mounted border agents of “whipping” Haitians who had illegally crossed the border. VP Harris said she was “deeply troubled” by the images which evoked “slavery” to her.

Again, Press TV reposted the VP’s comments.

Fox News commentator Jimmy Failla interpreted the Iranian interest in Harris’ comments.

“This is the problem with this administration,” Failla said on the Faulkner Focus program. “Iran sees a weakness in us right now. They really do, because there is within the Democratic Party, loud voices who don’t support Israel and people who kind of thrive off slandering America and slandering its allies. Whether we’re talking about the Border Patrol, whether we’re talking about Israel.

“When she says it’s important that ‘your truth’ get expressed. There isn’t ‘your truth.’ There is the truth, and Israel is not any of the things it was characterized as. But I’m not surprised Kamala didn’t push back. Why? Because she doesn’t like to talk to the problem. This is a border czar who still doesn’t go to the border. She’ll take her family to south of the border to go rafting before she’ll go to the actual border. So I’m not surprised.”

Harris’ gaffes could be politically costly. The Fox program cited an article by Varun Hukerin the Daily Caller which stated, “Some Democratic strategists are reportedly concerned that Harris could become a toxic figure for her party ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, a time when the vice president typically plays a large role in boosting support for down-ticket party members.”