Aug 14, 2022
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Temple Mount activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick has a history of receiving restraining orders from the Temple Mount. But the reason for the latest distance order submitted on Monday was arguably the most bizarre: ‘not praising the police.’

Last Thursday, Glick made a pilgrimage to the Temple Mount. It was then that the police on the mount were rushing his group from the location that is closest to the Holy of Holies that Jews are allowed to reach. The police did not allow them to stop there for several minutes. It was at that point that Glick called the police captain Nati Gur/

“All the people that visited the site, 500 of them, and you are the only one who complains about the ascension” Gur was recorded scolding Glick adding that the latter was not speaking nicely to the police officers.

“You people are provoking” he added.

When Glick protested arguing that there were no provocations, Gur responded vowing to examine footage taken by the police on the Mount to determine if there were indeed any provocations and threatening that if any were found, he would be distanced from the Mount.

Gur then accused Glick of being “the only one of 500 pilgrims that don’t praise the police.”

“Everyone here celebrates the police on their work during pilgrimages and on the incredible order they institute and you don’t behave appropriately and speak disparagingly to the officers.”

The police said in a statement that “According to the evidence in its possession, there is a real suspicion that Glick’s presence on the Temple Mount will disrupt public order as well as the peace and safety of the public.”

Glick sarcastically responded saying: “Those who don’t praise the police are apparently a danger to public order.’