Oct 23, 2021

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Husam Zagayar is the latest victim of terror in Israel. On duty as a volunteer police officer, the 31-year-old Zagayar was intentionally run over in the northern coastal city of Nahariya.

Zagayar hails from the Galilee village of Yarkha and leaves behind a wife and two children reports Walla News.

Zagayar is of the Druze faith. He arrived at a building site to investigate it for illegal Arab squatters from Judea and Samaria. The incident started when neighbors complained to the police of loud noises terminating from the construction site. Zagayar and his partner arrived on the scene which resulted in a shoving match between the two parties. It was then that the site manager, from the Israeli-Arab city of Araba, got into his vehicle and ran down Zagayar. Zagayar’s partner was also injured from the ramming attack and is listed in stable condition.