Oct 17, 2021

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Billed as a “family-friendly event”, a coven of witches is hosting a weekend gathering to “to ensure the ways of the witch and pagan are not forgotten”.

The Coven of Gaia, is expecting some 2,000 people to attend the event this upcoming weekend in Warwickshire in the West Midlands region of England which will feature spell-casting workshops and other classes for “experienced witches” as well as novices. The event is a bizarre mix of old and new, with a demonstration of falconry directly preceding a decidedly new-age class on yoga. One workshop covers “Witchcraft rituals and gendercide”. Gendercide is the systematic killing of members of a specific gender and in this case, clearly means reducing the population of males. The same witch who leads that workshop will also teach “wand decorating”, shamanism, and a poppet workshop (a poppet is a small figure of a human being used in sorcery and witchcraft).

Apparently, witchcraft is not effective against COVID. The organizers emphasize that the event will be “following the Government Guidelines in place at the time of the event” and sanitizing stations will be available. For those who are wondering, witches do accept credit cards.

The location of the event is described as a “beautiful scenic setting…in the spectacular grounds at the Heart of England.” The organizers boast that it is “an amazing place to hold this event.” But Warwickshire has a long and disturbing history of witchcraft. One prominent feature of the region is Meon Hill. One legend from the eighth century says the Devil kicked a boulder from the top of the hill, intending to smash the recently built Evesham Abbey. This legend seemed to come to life in 1945 when the body of 74-year-old Charles Walton, a farm laborer, was discovered at the base of the hill. Walton’s trouncing hook was embedded in his throat and his body was pinned to the floor by his pitchfork. Witchcraft was suspected as a large cross was carved into his chest. Locals told investigating authorities that Walton was reputed to be a wizard. The crime has never been solved.

Witchcraft is, of course, explicitly prohibited by the Bible. 

You shall not tolerate a sorceress. Exodus 22:17


 A man or a woman who has a ghost or a familiar spirit shall be put to death; they shall be pelted with stones—their bloodguilt shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:27

The Prophet Micha states that witchcraft will be eliminated in order to prepare the world for the Messiah.

I will destroy the sorcery you practice, And you shall have no more soothsayers. Micah 5:11