Oct 17, 2021

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On the eve of the Festival of Booths, Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel of the Land of Israel organization pontificated on the upcoming holiday from his hillside village of Arugot Farms.
During his most recent video, Rabbi Gimpel said:
“King David wrote most of the Book of Psalms in our mountains and of course, there’s the most famous one of all – the Lord is my shepherd. And so, David in that psalm is really imagining like he’s a sheep. And I never really got that until here I am out in the mountains with our sheep and God is our shepherd. And it connects so deeply to the Torah portion and to this time of year because what is Sukkot in the biblical calendar? You know, Yom Kippur is the day that God gave us the second tablet. We were forgiven and it was okay again. God’s presence came and rested again after it disappeared after the sin of the golden calf. And on Sukkot, we’re actually resting within the clouds of glory, within God’s presence. And that presence guided us through the desert. And so you know these sheep they just don’t know where I’m going to take them. They can just see in front of them and it’s amazing that they can just eat the brown dry thorns and little pieces of dried up grass. But they just eat it and it’s amazing. But they don’t really know where the next mountain is going to take them and I was thinking well Sukkot is the holiday that we celebrate our journeying through the desert. And the sukkah represents the clouds of glory. The sukkah represents little booths that we made as we traveled through the desert both the clouds of glory and those little booths.”