Oct 23, 2021

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The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) vaccine expert panel recommended on Friday that a booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine be administered to people aged 65 and over as well as anyone at high risk for severe illness from COVID exclusively. This decision lies in stark contrast to that of the Israeli Health Ministry who has launched a third campaign of injecting everyone 40-years old or over to take the Covid booster shot.

When asked about the FDA’s decision, Israel’s Covid Czar Sharon Elroi-Price to Israel Hayom: “This decision makes sense with regards to America’s data. I think that every country should make the right decision for themselves at that time. We happily shared our data with the world.”

Price added: “America’s pandemic data resembles what we were experiencing three months ago. However, there appears to be a drop in the effectiveness of the vaccine, and there is still a large amount of vaccinated that are hospitalized, suffering from sever Covid to death. This is the data that we had and we said at the time that the vaccines were effective.”