Aug 13, 2022
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Like any other bride, Noa Yehezkel should be excited about her upcoming wedding. Her dress was bought, the invitations were ready to be sent out and the wedding band she was going to give her groom was already purchased.

But it all disappeared after the building she lived in suddenly collapsed into dust. 

The Holon building collapse was actually a miracle in its own right.

It all started when a resident tried to go to synagogue to pray to God on the Sabbath. When he noticed that he couldn’t open his door to leave, he called the fire department. When they arrived, they realized that the entire building was in danger of imminent collapse. They immediately ordered the evacuation of all 36 families from the decrepit structure. No less than 32 hours after the evacuation, the entire building buckled turning into a massive pile of rubble.

And although this story is nothing short of miraculous, the tenants who were evacuated lost everything.

The most tragic victim was Noa. That’s because inside her apartment, were her wedding invitations, wedding dress, accessories and wedding bands…All gone.

Now, this bride-to-be must find a way to prepare for the most important day of her life with nothing but the clothes on her back and a little bit of determination.

The Israel365 organization wants to help Noa get married. 

That’s why they’re collecting donations to buy her everything she lost. The best part is that you can help Noa get married.

You can do this by…

  • Donating just $1 and replace one of her lost wedding invitations
  • Get her a tiara with a $25 donation
  • For $50, you can sponsor her ketuba (marriage contract)
  • Gift $150 to replace her shoes
  • For $500, you can buy Noa a new wedding dress!
  • Rent her a wedding hall for $3,000

Whatever amount you donate will get you an exclusive invitation to Israel365’s live stream of Noa’s wedding!…(as long as enough money can be raised for it to even take place).

And although her life was miraculously saved when her home collapsed mere hours after her evacuation.

She now needs a new miracle to begin the next chapter in her life.

You can be that miracle.

Donate whatever you can. Help Noa get married.