Jun 27, 2022
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Southern Israel was targeted by the fourth rocket attack in three days. The most recent attack came late on Sunday night while the IDF was engaged in carrying out a response to the third attack that had taken place just a few hours earlier. All four rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system. 


An IDF spokesman reported that the fourth rocket prompted an expansion of the Israeli raid to five major Hamas facilities, including a “terror tunnel” as well as training compounds and arms production sites and depots.


The first two attacks took place on Friday and Saturday night. The third rocket attack came at about 9:00 PM on Sunday night. Israel responded to each attack by hitting Hamas military targets. No casualties were reported in the IDF attacks. 

Israel and the Hamas-run government in Gaza are currently engaged in a cease-fire that was negotiated by Egypt after the conflict in May in which over 2,600 rockets were fired at Israel.