Aug 10, 2022
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For years, the Israeli “Tavor” was marketed as the rifle of the future, and many of the Israel Defense Forces infantry fighters proudly carried it, enthusiastic about its convenience and futuristic look.

Just 10 years after integrating it into the Israeli army, however, the IDF will begin transitioning the brigades currently using it and the micro-“Tavor” to the American M4, known as a “flat-top” rifle.

One of the IDF’s infantry brigades is expected to receive the M4 rifle in the near future, and other brigades will follow. The Israeli-made rifles will not be retired completely, but rather will be transferred to the army’s reserve brigades.

The IDF is also beginning to prepare for the replacement of the hundreds of aging Hummers that have been in service for years. Various alternatives on the table include acquiring less expensive, Israeli-made vehicles.