Aug 13, 2022
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J Street, an anti-Israel lobby backed by billionaire currency manipulator George Soros, has falsely claimed that Israel restricted the import of food and medicine into the Gaza Strip reports media watchdog CAMERA.

In an Aug. 26 email to its subscribers, J Street charged that Israeli-Palestinian relations were being maintained by “punishing restrictions on medicine, food, and goods to families in Gaza.”

The email was signed by the head of J Street, Jeremy Ben-Ami.

However, far more outwardly critics of Israel do not even make such claims.

The truth is that there are no such limitations on food or medicine. Although J Street claims to be ‘The political home of pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans’ even organizations who advertise their hostility towards Israel in a more open way have been more honest about Gaza imports. “Currently, Israel allows the entrance of all civilian goods into the Gaza Strip, with the exception of a list of materials defined as ‘dual-use,’ which, according to Israel, can be used for military purposes,” notes the Israeli NGO Gisha.

Gisha, who usually sides with terrorists from Gaza while criticizing Israeli policies, has in the past set the record straight about that same accusation. Following Ralph Nader’s claim in 2012 that Israel limits medicine, food and water to Gaza, Gisha blasted the claim as inaccurate and unhelpful “hyperbole.”

Israel does not restrict the import of food, water or fuel,” the NGO noted. “And while Nader’s article implies that Israel is responsible for the medication crisis in the Strip, the truth is that ongoing disputes regarding payment for medication between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are largely the cause of this.”

Even the Palestinian Ma’an news outlet published an article quoting a senior World Health Organization (WHO) official who stated that, “Israeli authorities are not blocking the entry of drugs and disposables to Gaza. They recognize these are priority items for humanitarian needs.”

Following several rounds of attacks from Gaza, Jerusalem temporarily halted the import of some goods into Gaza. But food and medicine was not among them. Even Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, known for being hostile to Israel reported: “Israel has banned all imports except food and medical supplies into the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian official told Anadolu Agency on Sunday.”

During another round of Palestinian arson attacks, Al Mezan, a Palestinian NGO, also described admits that Israel has never restricted food and medicine: “blocks the entry of fuel and cooking gas supplies, allowing only medicines and food items to pass into Gaza.” The UN described that month’s closure as a move to “prohibit all goods except medical and food supplies” to Gaza.