Aug 13, 2022
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Police forces are continuing their activities and assisting the firefighters who are operating a raging brushfire near the town of Shoresh.

Shoresh is situated on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway known as Rte 1.

The massive blaze compelled authorities to block traffic from the Sha’ar Hagai junction in the direction of Jerusalem and in the opposite direction towards Tel Aviv, from the Hemed interchange.

Drivers are now being asked to be patient and divert their journey to Route 443, which serves as an alternative route to and from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Evacuation efforts have been made for local residents and businesses in the Shoresh district. Six aerial firefighters have been deployed to the scene.

The blaze could not have come at a worse time. That’s because the Sabbatical year begins on September 5. During this Shmitah year, no trees are allowed to be planted in Israel.

That’s why the Israel365 organization is scrambling to plant trees and replenish those that were burned down before the Sabbatical year begins.