Sep 20, 2021

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Orthodox Jews Berel Solomon and his wife Eliana expose the lies propagated in a new Netflix show called My Unorthodox Life.

The program documents the personal and professional life of a former ultra-Orthodox Jew turned fashion mogul, Julia Haart.

The show has been at the center of controversy as it has been criticized by many in the Orthodox Jewish community for spewing baseless propaganda against the Orthodox-Jewish lifestyle.

“Julia Haart’s new show on Netflix called My Unorthodox Life is a gross misrepresentation of the Jewish Community of Monsey.” Solomon says.

“The show is riddled with misinformation and falsehoods. The Haart family fabricated many of the narratives in this show simply to get a program on Netflix. Furthermore, we believe that Netflix should be held accountable for not doing their due diligence and fact-checking. We believe this will insight more antisemitism and hatred towards the community.”