Oct 01, 2022
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Four women and 35 men received their Israeli Air Force wings last week at a graduation ceremony in Hatzerim Air Force Base in the Negev.

The newly-minted IAF pilots include the first woman in nearly five years and the fifth woman ever to become a fighter pilot in Israel.

Sixty-two women have completed the IAF pilots’ course since it opened to women in the 1990s.

In 2019, Lt. Col. G. became the first woman to serve as commander of an IAF squadron. G., then 35, enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces in 2003 and completed the IAF pilot’s course, specializing in transport aircraft. From 2015 to 2017, G. served as deputy commander of the Nachshon Squadron, which operates surveillance aircraft.

These pilots who protect Israel’s borders can’t do it alone. It takes a village. That’s why help from the outside is needed to ensure that all IDF troops receive the support they need. And no organization sees to their needs better than LIBI.

American Friends of LIBI (LIBI USA) is a volunteer organization providing Israeli soldiers with Jewish and cultural awareness, welfare support, education, social and financial assistance, recreational activities, and lone and needy soldiers’ care. 

They do this using a wide array of programs that you can donate to. And since today is Amazon Prime Day, otherwise known as Amazon Smile. This means that a portion of the proceeds of any product you buy on Amazon will go directly to LIBI.

Help support IDF troops with a gift. Take advantage of Amazon Prime Day today while donating to the LIBI organization with every purchase you make.