Jul 29, 2021

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A resident of the Judean town of Efrat, who is also a dual US citizen, had a shocking experience while renewing their child’s passport.

Under Trump’s State Department, a passport belonging to someone born anywhere in Judea and Samaria would say the name of the town. This means that if a dual US citizen was born in Efrat, the passport would read: ‘place of birth: Efrat.’

But after renewing their child’s passport during the recently inaugurated Biden administration, the place of birth of the Efrat resident instead simply reads ‘West Bank.’

The term ‘West Bank’ was a term that Jordan gave to Judea and Samaria after capturing the region in 1948. The name was given as it sits on the western bank of the Jordan river, an odd choice of words since its landmass spans 5,640 kilometers. It is apparent that the name was given in an effort to erase the rich Jewish Biblical history that took place in that region.

Online pro-Israel activist Avi Abelow initially reported the development taking to his Facebook page writing:

Welcome to the Biden administration!!!
A friend of mine in Efrat went to renew a passport for a child. As you can see in the picture below of the old passport, the place of birth was noted as Efrat, a town in Judea & Samaria.
On the forms for the renewed passport, they were given two choices for place of birth, either “Efrat” or “Israel”.
However, take a look at the picture of the renewed passport.
They did not list place of birth with Efrat or Israel! It seems someone at the US Consulate/Embassy/State Department took the liberty of writing in “West Bank” as the place of birth instead.
Is this a new US policy? No clue.
But it is extremely infuriating, to say the least.
Looking forward to returning to days of sane and sound US foreign policy based on truth, history and reality, rather than this Biden/Harris administration that has returned us to a US policy of anti-Israel ideology with no basis on truth, history or reality.
The US Embassy in Israel has yet to respond to our request for comment.