Jan 22, 2022

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The overall unemployment rate in Israel continues to fall as the Jewish state emerges from its  Covid restrictions. The jobless rate for the first half of May was 6.7%, compared to 8% in April and 9.5% in March, reports the JPost.


In April of 2020, unemployment hit a record high of 26% during Israel’s initial Covid lockdown and averaged 16% overall in 2020. In comparison, at the end of 2019, before the lockdowns, Israel’s jobless rate was a record low of 3.4%.


Now, there is only one month left until the government’s economic safety net plan expires. This plan offered job seekers a furlough of up to 70% of their initial salary until the end of June 2021.

This means that once July rolls around, Israel’s unemployed will find themselves in a very different reality that may leave many families without the means to pay their bills or provide food for their families.

Thank God, there is one organization preparing for this scenario – Meir Panim.

Meir Panim is an organization that provides warm meals to Israel’s needy. 

It has established a network Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens across the country which allows them to feed thousands of individuals each day across the country. But with the government benefits coming to an end, Meir Panim anticipates an influx of newly needy families. It has the staff, it has the drive, but lacks one very important thing –  the funding.

But that’s where you can help. Your donation can enable Meir Panim to feed Israel’s hungry. Any amount you can give will go to this extremely important cause. Now is your opportunity to bless Israel by feeding its hungry.

Donate to Meir Panim today.