Jul 26, 2021

It was revealed that an intelligence officer who died in a military prison in Israel was buried in a civilian cemetery and that he would not be considered a soldier who died during his duty, which caused questions in the Israeli public.

The officer one month ago, nine months after he was indicted in military court. The charge or charges against him were subject to a gag order, as was any other information that could be used to identify him by name. Though much remains unknown about the intelligence officer who died in his cell – he left behind a public digital trail that sheds light on his skills: ‘He was a software genius’ Since the affair seems to reveal suspected failures on the part of the Israeli military, the sweeping ban was perceived as an attempt to shove things under the carpet of a military intelligence officer, with only parts of the affair released from a gag order on Monday evening, appears to have been a long, tragic saga. The IDF, according to the accumulating evidence, made mistakes in its handling of the officer and, indeed, the entire affair. The prolonged, comprehensive gag order on the details of the affair, particularly in the three weeks following the officer’s death while under detention, sparked a wave of fragmented information and false rumors, which spread throughout the country and from there, in a disjointed fashion, to international media outlets. The mystery behind the jailing and death of the Israeli army intelligence officer has yet to be revealed. The Israel Defense Forces have yet to tell the public what offenses he committed and what led to his death in a prison cell. The media have reported that friends and colleagues regarded him as a “computer genius” who completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science while still in high school. But what areas of technology did he specialize in before he was drafted? What tasks was he actually performing? What interested him? Watch and see.