Jun 23, 2021


The teachers’ union for the San Francisco school district voted in favor of a resolution last month to boycott Israel.

In response, former Israeli ambassador to Washington Michael Oren blasted the union’s hypocrisy saying: “Los Angeles and San Francisco teachers unions vote to boycott Israel while fighting anti-Semitism. Just like pledging to fight racism while joining the Klan.”

The United Educators of San Francisco (UESF), which is affiliated with the biggest federation of unions in America, the AFL-CIO, is the first K-12 union of public-school teachers in the United States to officially support BDS. According to The Jewish News of Northern California,this also marks the first time since 2016 that a US union has officially backed the BDS movement.

The resolution’s final segment urges the union to back BDS and also calls on the Biden administration to halt aid to Israel.

Jewish Journal reporter Aaron Bandler reports that at least one teacher is stepping down as a UTLA teachers’ union member over the move.