Jun 12, 2021


After railing against a potential new government formed by New Right leader Naftali Bennett, pastor, and Friends of Zion Museum founder Mike Evans held a press conference in Jerusalem on Monday where he clarified several points that he made.

Evans kicked off the press conference claiming that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “death” was “greatly exaggerated.”

Although he apologized for calling former defense minister Naftali Bennett a “disgusting disappointment” and accusing him of falsely claiming to be a defender of Zion, he railed on the potential Bennett-led government saying that in the past, unity governments don’t have “the strength to stand up to the devils.”

Towards the end of the briefing, Israel365 New’s David Sidman asked if Evan’s threat to “fight” Bennett “every step of the way” still stood. Although it was a direct quote from Evan’s own letter, he denied saying it and instead clarified that it was Netanyahu, not former US President Donald Trump, who is “the only man in the world that united Evangelicals”

Regarding Trump, the pastor said that: “He might have united some of us but not all of us.”

“If Bibi Netanyahu goes to the opposition, my 77 million supporters will go to the opposition with him. We’ll still support the state of Israel. But we’re not going to have the same position we’ve had because we won’t have trust.”

Evans also declared his intention to sue Facebook for shutting down his ‘Prayers for Israel’ page which boasts 77 million followers.

He also revealed that he met two Knesset Members who vowed to leave the government if Bennett agrees to a two-state solution.

When pressed, Evans denied the notion that most Evangelicals disagree with his position.