Sep 29, 2022
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Another upcoming jihadist pro-Palestinian rally is set to take online by Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century – rs21 via zoom on June 12, 2021 AT 5 PM UTC+08 – 6:45 PM UTC+08. Like others in the past, this event is expected to feature extremist, antisemetic protest leaders who side with the Hamas terror organization against Israel in the Jewish state’s battle for its survival. 

Attendees can expect masses of pro-Palestinian sympathizers shouting cries for Israel’s destruction via popular dog whistles such as ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.’ Hamas sympathizers from the local area are expected to gather waving the Palestinian flag as the speakers incite violence against Jewish people under the facade of “justice” and “equality for all.”

The event is expected to begin peacefully but could quickly turn violent at a moment’s notice. Police presence at the event will be limited and like in many other previous protests throughout American cities, may not be equipped to contain an angry mob should they decide to break the law. In those rallies, participants could often be seen calling to kill Jewish people as their sentiments echo those of Nazi rallies leading up to World War two.

It should be noted that in previous and similar protests, the rallies quickly escalated from peaceful to violent as bloodthirsty anti-Israel mobs ignored police instructions and attacked anyone visibly Jewish or pro-Israel. The event was meant to be a closed event but Israel365 News discovered the event’s information in a thorough investigation. 

An Israeli counter-protest has not been planned. The event’s organizers were not immediately available for comment.

Image credit to Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century – rs21 | Facebook