Sep 28, 2021

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As an Orthodox rabbi who works every day for the support of Israel with Evangelical Christians, I never thought in my entire life that I would hear something so shocking.

Just the other day, an Evangelical leader, Dr. Mike Evans publicly attacked Israel’s Prime Minister-elect, Naftali Bennett with harsh, vulgar language and threatened to withdraw the support of 77 million Evangelical Christians from Israel because he didn’t like Bennett’s politics.

Mike Evans started the Friends of Zion museum here in Israel and then published an article full of 4 letter words threatening to destroy Naftali Bennett, saying that he’s not a defender of Zion. So I wanted to talk to you today about who is a defender of Zion.

A defender of Zion is someone who puts his life on the line for the Jewish people like Naftali Bennett has done repeatedly as the leader of an elite IDF army unit.

And a defender of Zion is someone who thinks day and night about Israel’s security, as Naftali Bennett has done as Defense Minister of the State of Israel.

And I will tell you who is not a friend of Zion.

Someone who literally takes out ads and billboards calling himself the “largest Evangelical leader in the world” and then publicly attacks, threatens, and delegitimizes Israel’s democratically elected Prime Minister, is no friend of Zion. 

Around the world, Israel is under attack by radical Islamists and the mainstream media.  The last thing we need is to come under attack by our Christian friends. 

This is a crisis, and I am offering a radically new path forward because something here is clearly broken with the old guard of so-called Christian Friends of Zion.

I am appealing directly to all the Evangelical Christians in the world with open arms and offering you a different kind of relationship with Israel and the Jewish people.

We need a new way of doing things and we need to start building healthy relationships directly between rabbis and pastors and between pro-Israel Christians and pro-Israel Jews. 

So, what does this mean for you? 

I call on every pro-Israel pastor in the world to contact me personally because I want to work directly with you to create a new form of Christian support for Israel built on real relationships with real Jews so that we can pray for the peace of Jerusalem together, study the Bible together, fight antisemitism together and support Israel together.

To join Rabbi Tuly, email him at and join the new Facebook “Stand with Israel Movement