Jun 23, 2021


Former ‘Miss Iraq’, Sarah Idan, was recently interviewed by Jew Tube where she reveals that Muslims in Arab countries are taught to hate Jews as a way to eradicate Israel from the Middle East.

Idan adds that the Muslim countries teach kids that “Jews are not even human beings they were satanic creatures in human form”

“It’s exactly like the nazi movement.”

Idan then warns that Israel is radical Islam’s first destination saying: “The fight that we have seen launched by radical Islamists-neo-Nazis is not only against Jews in Israel but against the United States. They are against the west and what they call western imperialism and they believe that Israel is a huge supporter of the US in the middle east. And they need to remove that. If they can remove the American influence and democracy in the middle east then the next target would be not only the US, Britain, all of Europe – all of the west.”
She also warned that the amount of radical Islamists is more than meets the eye saying: “radical Islamists believe that any non-Muslim is kafir or infidel and they don’t even deserve to live.”
So their ideology – they want total control of the world. And the problem that people don’t get is that while there are so many peaceful Muslims. And they make about 2 billion of the world population. The amount of radical Islamists within Islam are about 25 – so that’s like 300 million. That’s the size of the United States. So imagine all those people want to eradicate not only the state of Israel but the United States. And the west in their ideology. So it’s a serious concern that should make everyone worry not just Jewish people.”