Jun 23, 2021


Mohamad Habehh, national coordination developer for American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) was “happy” to see that a new cryptocurrency called ‘Super Mission’ was used to raise money for his organization.

In unprecedented fashion, Super Mission raised $40,000 in just five hours on Wednesday morning.

Habehh said in an interview with the coin’s founder, Hamzeh Alasfar, that his organization “benefitted” and that he is “excited to see where the crypto goes.”

As stated on their site, Super Mission is a charity-oriented token on the Binance smart chain. Every week, the community elects a new charity to support. This week, the community chose AMP.

Alasfar said that he created the coin to “benefit the world.”

Although AMP claims to “educate the public about the just cause of Palestine and the rights of self-determination, liberty, and justice.” However, they seem to be mainly involved in organizing pro-Palestinian protests including the National March for Palestine which took place in Washington DC on Saturday.