Jun 23, 2021


About a hundred pro-Palestinian protestors marched through one of L.A’s swankiest retail and entertainment complexes on Sunday.

The protestors evaded the iconic outdoor mall’s security and marched through the site with loudspeakers shouting pro-Palestinian chants.

The march’s leaders also shouted mantras from the Black Lives Matter movement and featured anti-Colombian government protestors.

The combined ‘BLM’, pro-Palestine and Colombian protestors provided an ample crowd size with each cause given a chance to showcase their agenda. Some of those waving the Palestinian flag harrassed shocked onlookers by waving it in their faces and even mocking them.

Chants included: “Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry! Palestine will never die!” Oftentimes the pro-Palestinian chants would be intermingled with the Black Lives Matter chants.

Pro-Palestine protests have taken place for several weeks as a response to Israel’s latest battle of self-defense against the Hamas terror group who launched thousands of missiles at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The latest IDF operation, entitled ‘Guardian of the Walls’, lasted for about two weeks until the two sides finally agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire.

More pro-Palestinian protests are expected throughout America despite the ceasefire which many Hamas sympathizers see as a victory for their cause and antisemitic incidents have also seen an increase in the past few weeks around the country.