Jun 12, 2021


Philadelphia rabbi, Rabbi Akiva Pollack, has been suspended from Facebook after he attempted to push back against a popular antisemitic hashtag on Twitter.

Twitter has been criticized by many for allowing over 17,000 tweets to praise Hitler under the hashtag ‘Hitler was right.’ This development has any wondering: who decides the moral compass for the billions of social media users worldwide.

Rabbi Pollack initially posted on Facebook: “I posted previously about the 17 000 trending hashtags Hitler was right. Can we change that to Hitler was wrong? Oh and make it 18,000”

The rabbi disputed his suspension but his appeal was denied by Facebook.

“They never tell you specifically what standard you’re violating – and it’s like impossible to know what can I write what can’t I write. It’s impossible to know. what if I say ‘kill all the jews – Is that okay?” he quipped