Sep 23, 2021

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As a wave of antisemitic attacks against Jews across America by Hamas supporters, a top official of president Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign tweeted that Jews should remove items that identify them publicly as Jews. This includes kippot (yarmulkes) or Stars of David if they are afraid of those who are threatening them.

Aaron Keyak, whose Twitter and LinkedIn bio claims that he “led Jewish engagement for the Biden-Harris campaign and transition,” tweeted, “It pains me to say this, but if you fear for your physical safety take off your kippah and hide your magen david. Obviously, if you can, ask your rabbi first.”

He also said that: “It’s important that those who wear kippot don’t feel more pressure to put our lives in unnecessary actual danger — especially when actions are attempting to be grounded in halacha. Given the rise in Jew-hatred and antisemitic attacks, we must stand with all Jews.”

Following the tweet, conservative pundit Ben Shapiro took to the airwaves on his show explaining why he wears a kippah and how if anyone has a problem with it can “bleep off!”

“I wear a yarmulke because I am proudly a descendant of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Moses and David. I am of their people” he said on the Ben Shapiro show.
 The reason I wear yarmulke is for two reasons. One: there’s a religious reason going all the way back to the Talmud. Jews have worn yarmulkes because they’ve covered their heads out of submission to God and as a reminder that God is above us at all times.
And the second reason is because – no I’m not going anywhere and anybody who has a problem with it can —-right off.”
 I believe in the promises that were made by God in the bible I believe in those promises I believe Isaiah when he says Isaiah 8:10.
i believe that when Isaiah says:

  עֻצוּ עֵצָה וְתֻפָר דַּבְּרוּ דָבָר וְלֹא יָקוּם כִּי עִמָּנוּ אֵל׃

Plan your plan speak your words it will come to nothing for God is with us. (Isaiah 8:10)
I believe that because I believe in biblical values.
I’m proud that the state of Israel exists as well. i am proud that there is a state of Israel – a state that is a repository for Jewish values.”