Jun 27, 2022
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A recent video from the al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas’ military wing) shows them digging up water pipes in Gaza and using them to manufacture rockets to be fired at Israeli cities. This comes at a time when Gazans are already suffering water shortages and though the US has pledged to help rebuild the infrastructure of Gaza, the State Department admitted they are unsure that the humanitarian aid will not be usurped for terrorism.

A video recently surfaced showing Hamas digging up irrigation pipes and repurposing them as rockets to be fired at Israel. 

It is believed the irrigation pipes were left behind when the Jews living in Gush Katif were forcibly removed in order to ethnically cleanse the region. 

The video comes right after almost two weeks in which over 4,000 Hamas rockets were fired at Israel. Many of the primitive rockets fell short, landing inside Gaza, causing Palestinian casualties the terrorists blamed on Israel. The Hamas shortfalls caused considerable damage, knocking out the power lines supplying Israeli electricity to more than 230,000 Gazans. In order to continue its terrorist operations, Hamas disabled Gaza City’s desalination plant, cutting some 250,000 residents off from their water supply. Six days ago, Hamas rocket fire targeted a convoy of humanitarian aid on its way to Gaza.

While the US, along with other countries, is promising to help rebuild Gaza, the US State Department admitted this week that they cannot ensure that funds and material intended for humanitarian purposes or to rebuild will not be used to rebuild the terrorist infrastructure.