Aug 18, 2022
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Freshmen Israeli Knesset member Simcha Rothman visited the Temple Mount on Thursday. While on the mount, Rothman said: “My hope is that we return to the Temple Mount as a nation.”

“I believe that going to the Temple Mount is something that will strengthen our resolve to return to the Temple Mount” he continued saying that: “The Temple Mount needs to be in our hands and not just as a mantra from the Six-day War, but in actuality.”

He then thanked prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and internal security minister Amir Ohana for opening the holy site.

Rothman also called on the prime minister to cancel the restrictions on Jews making the pilgrimage to the holy site “so that the mount will be accessible to more people.”

He added that “more Jews should go to the Temple Mount”

Rothman then praised the many rabbis who used to be against going to the Temple Mount but have recently gone up to the holy site for the first time.