Jun 16, 2021


As expected, violent pro-Palestinian protests reared their ugly heads throughout the United States this weekend. The rallies sent many innocent bystanders and members of the local Jewish community into a state of fear, terror, and chaos.

New York City

On Friday night, as New York’s Jews welcomed in the Shabat, pro-Hamas protesters in the Big Apple blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. The rally began at Foley Square, marched over the Brooklyn Bridge stopping traffic, then stopped at NYPD’s 84th precinct, did a mass fare evasion, then made another stop at NYPD’s 10th precinct, and finally ended at Washington Square Park.


The lawlessness of these protests made its way to the Lone Star State. In Houston, hundreds of people blocked streets and breached police barricades Saturday as a rally in support of Palestine. The lawless mob then continued i west Houston.

Richmond, VA

Just a few miles from the Beltway, Jihadist protestors called to liberate “Palestine with blood.” And in case you weren’t sure whose blood they were referring to, they also chanted that the “Jews are our dogs.”


Violent ‘Palestine’ rallies weren’t only limited to the United States. Across the pond in London, pro-Hamas protestors yelled “we want them Zionists. We want their blood!” Police who were escorting them did nothing upon hearing their antisemitic death threats.

Israel365 News will be closely tracking all violent anti-Israel protests worldwide and will warn you, our loyal reader, of any upcoming violent protests in your local area.