Sep 23, 2021

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A new poll performed by the Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group—one of America’s most accurate pollsters, revealed that 27.1% of Democrats blame Hamas, Palestinian Authority, and Iran for the current violence, while 38.5% blame Israel. 67.6% of Republicans blame Hamas, Palestinian Authority, and Iran for the current violence, only 12.5% blame Israel. 44.7% of Independents blame Hamas, Palestinian Authority, and Iran for the current violence, and 31.2% blame Israel. A total of 28.4% of Americans say Hamas is most to blame for the violence, compared to 27.4% who blamed Israel, 9.8% who said Iran was most to blame, and 7.7% who blamed the Palestinian Authority.

In 11 days of fighting, over 4,360 projectiles were fired into Israel from Gaza.  According to the IDF, some 3,400 of the rockets and mortars that were launched actually crossed into Israeli territory, while 680 fell short of the border inside Gaza and another 280 landed out at sea. The IDF reported that many of these rockets, along with tunnels collapsing under houses, were responsible for many of the 219 people killed in Gaza. Of those projectiles that landed inside Israel, the IDF reported that more than 90% were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system. 11 Israeli citizens were killed, and Staff Sgt. Omer Tabib was killed when an anti-tank missile hit his jeep.

The organizations drew clear conclusions from the data:

“Bipartisan support for Israel has been a hallmark of American politics for decades. Mainstream America continues to strongly support Israel, but these numbers reveal a shocking new trend among Democrats. Increasing majorities actually blame the Jewish State for the current violence, rather than Hamas and Iran, who are openly anti-Semitic, genocidal and celebrate the killing of civilians,” said Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action. “Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi have lost control of their party, as extremists like Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep Ilhan Omar, and Sen Bernie Sanders—and their supporters—are now leading a far-left foreign policy agenda in which state-sponsored terrorism, anti-Semitism, and genocide are in and representative democracy and human rights are out.”

Conducted from May 15 thru May 17, the poll of 1,101 likely general election voters has a margin of error of 2.95%.