Aug 18, 2022
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Israel’s announcement on Thursday night that the IDF was about to launch a massive ground incursion into Gaza was part of a diversion intended to maximize the damage of the true plan. While large numbers of tanks, armored personal carriers, and artillery lined up on the border, Hamas terrorists scrambled for cover underground in a massive network. That was the signal for more than 160 aircraft to jump into action, dropping 450 bombs containing over 80 tons of explosives, hitting 150 terror targets in 35 minutes, focusing on the underground city and collapsing it with the terrorists inside.

The aerial attack was followed up with a bombardment of some 500 artillery shells — some flares and explosives — along with 50 tank shells

The IDF announced on Thursday that it has struck 750 military targets in Gaza using more than 1,000 explosives since the beginning of Operation Guardian of the Walls began on Monday.

The targets included 33 terror tunnels, 160 embedded rocket launchers, four high-rise buildings, and 60 terrorist operatives, among them at least six senior Hamas officials. The IDF also shot a total of four Hamas drones over Israel of which at least two were armed with explosives.