Oct 06, 2022
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Following the apocalyptic site of a massive blaze on the Temple Mount that engulfed the Al Aqsa mosque, author, radio show host, and Kaballah expert rabbi Lazer Brody released a statement saying that the Messiah’s arrival is “imminent.”

In his widely read news bulletin Lazer Beams, the rabbi wrote:

It looks like Moshiach is imminent. Three hours ago, seven Hamas rockets fired from Gaza landed in the Jerusalem vicinity. Over 40 rockets have been fired at the south. Here in Ashdod and all points south, schools and all public gatherings are curtailed until further notice. The world, including the US, are lined up against us with Turkey and Iran pledging their support to Hamas. The Arab rabble-rousers on the Temple Mount have just now ignited a fire (above image, courtesy of INN) and that’s enough to have the Moslem world yelling for Jihad. Jet aircraft are flying overhead nonstop and no one here knows what will develop in the coming hours. One thing is sure – like I said yesterday, the labor pains of Moshiach have begun. May Hashem help us to weather them.

Rabbi Lazer Brody (courtesy: screenshot)

Rabbi Brody also thanked God for not allowing the overthrow of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the most recent general election in Israel saying: ” It makes one shudder to think that the Israeli Left, to get rid of Bibi, almost sealed a coalition deal the Islamic Brotherhood Party (Ra’am). Can you imagine requesting permission from them to protect ourselves against the terrorists? Those talks of course have been tabled. Thank You, Hashem, that You run the world.”