Jun 23, 2021


A left-wing group popular in universities tweeted out their solidarity with the Arabs rioting in Jerusalem, claiming the video was “inspiring”. But a second look reveals the disturbing message the Arabic language video bears.

IfNotNow: Inspired by calls to bomb Tel Aviv

IfNotNow, a left-wing anti-Israel that has Jewish members, posted a tweet expressing solidarity with the “Palestinians”. The tweet featured a video of Muslims chanting on the Temple Mount. IfNotNwo wrote: “Incredible, inspiring images of Palestinian resistance coming out of Jerusalem tonight. American Jews are with you.”

In 2017-2020, IfNotNow received $60,000 from Rockefeller Brothers Fund for general support.

It is to be hoped that the American “Jewish” group did not understand the “inspiring” Arabic as the chanting in the video translates as, “Bomb, bomb, Tel Aviv.”


The explicit and implicit meanings were brought by journalist Emily Schrader:

“Palestinians chant “bomb bomb Tel Aviv” from Judaism’s holiest site and the site of Al Aqsa mosque. This isn’t about #SheikhJarrah it’s about refusal to accept the state of Israel existing.”

The most recent wave of Arab violence has been blamed on an impending case in the Israeli Supreme Court over the ownership of several houses in the Jerusalem neighborhood surrounding the Tomb of Shimon Hatzaddik, a Kohen Gadol (High Priest) during the Second Temple period. The neighborhood is also known as the Sheikh Jarrah. The dispute is over several houses that were purchased by Jews in the 19th century but were occupied by Arabs who refused to pay rent or exit the residences. The Supreme Court is supposed to announce its decision on Monday.