May 17, 2021


A mass prayer rally is scheduled for Thursday in Jerusalem. The event’s location is overlooking the Hinnom Valley (Gehenom) which is where Canaanites and wayward Israelites used to sacrifice children to Moloch. The Hinnon Valley is also known as the Gehenom Valley – the Hebrew word for ‘hell.’

That location was chosen because as former Zehut political party member and Knesset candidate Shlomo Gordon said: “We are not interested in sacrificing our children on any altar.”

A “unity prayer rally

The Common Denominator will stage a “unity prayer rally – bringing together people of all faiths,” – in prayer against an alleged plan to coerce Israelis into administering the covid vaccine on their children. Daniel claims that “children are not at risk from Covid-19 nor are there long-term safety studies regarding the shot.”

Head of Common Denominator group Ilana Rachel Daniel (courtesy: screenshot)

The interfaith prayer will take place outside of Jerusalem’s Old City Walls overlooking the Hinnom Valley, which was once a site of child sacrifice to ancient idols.

“Worshiping a new idol”

“Unfortunately, Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government are worshiping a new idol, the pharmaceutical companies, allowing them free reign in the largest and most dangerous human medical experiment in history. They now move to sacrifice our children to those idols,” said Ilana Rachel Daniel of The Common Denominator.

The rally will be broadcast live to viewers from around the world who share in this concern. It will take place outside the Old City walls between Jaffa Gate and Zion Gate.

“The Israeli government, which is responsible for tracking the safety of the experimental injection, have claimed that they do not know how many people have died after receiving the experimental Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer,” Daniel said.

“However, the U.S.-based Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has logged 3,544 deaths occurring after the administration of the Covid-19 shots. Of increased concern is the Harvard Pilgrim College study that found less than 1% of adverse reactions are ever reported through VAERS, indicating a number of adverse events exponentially higher.”

Zehut party member Shlomo Gordon (Zehut)

People of the world come together

She added that “On Wednesday, we the people of the world come together, of different backgrounds, faiths, and lived experience, on the common ground of the risk to our future; our children’s health and wellbeing, to say to the Israeli Government and to the whole world, Enough, we will not sacrifice our children today on any altar.”

The event organizers claim that Israel’s own Ministry of Health has reported dozens of cases of heart muscle inflammation in young people that is “likely” connected to the Pfizer MRNA shot.

“The experimental mRNA vaccine is still in its clinical stage and is only authorized under emergency use. There is no emergency for our children regarding a Covid-19 infection. We are gathering in prayer to call on God to intervene in this matter” Daniel opined.