Aug 10, 2022
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The 2021 Persian Spring is in bloom, the insurrection has begun:  No to the Islamic Republic of Iran (N2IR)!

We in Israel know that it’s a race against time.  Time is of the essence, and action is required now before the Iranian elections; action is required before the re-signing of the JCPOA nuclear treaty; action is required before sanctions are lifted; action before more journalists are taken into custody forever. All the signs of a revolution are there and there are enough underground renegades, all unified, to make this thing really happen. I can tell you that the proverbial writing is officially on the wall.

Incidentally, and on a lighter note, there are a couple thought-provoking movies to see regarding this topic:  an oldie (by our standards) called ARGO that is certainly a must-see, and a fictional newbie called ‘6 Underground’, the latter starring one of the leading Israeli actors as the ideal bad guy.  There’s even a British documentary out there called, How to Start a Revolution.

Truth is, these dissidents need help in their cause.  And unlike the Kurds for example, they can’t simply take over territory and separate from the Republic on their own. These people would be run over in cold blood before you can say: #No2IslamicRepublic. Jews, Christians, and Muslims too around the globe are finding a way to publicly help the Iranian people now.  Indeed, these people are struggling to retain their dignity and remain a proud nation.  And, as in the past, you can be sure that the Biden Administration will not come to their aid.  They have a different agenda entirely, unfortunately.  Israel has a chance now to help out the dissidents in their anti-regime campaign against the Mullahs, and different branches are in fact acting on this, thank God.

An opposition campaign that has now gone viral demands the removal of the clerical regime, being “the main obstacle to achieving freedom, prosperity and democracy” in Iran.  A new leader from within needs to be chosen to take over if/when the time comes.  Someone like Manouchehr Bakhtiari, who has released several social media videos for instance, or Iran’s former (exiled) Crown Prince, Reza Pahlavi, now 60 years-old and a major opposition figure, who has written about kicking off a “national movement.”  He wrote that there is “no Iranian family that has not paid a price, and this regime has killed a member of my family and some of my friends as well.”  In fact, one can safely say that no Iranian family has been untouched by its evil.  Even Iran’s last Queen (did you know they even had a queen?) Farah Pahlavi officially joined the campaign.

Protests have in fact been ongoing since March with dozens killed on brutal crackdowns throughout the country, including 300 protestors in 2019, and many students that are still imprisoned.  There are now over 1500 signatories to the “No to the Islamic Republic” campaign statement, consisting of political and civil rights activists, university professors, leading authors, artists, and filmmakers including the talented Mohammad Nourizad, who signed an open letter to Khamenei which landed him (and his friends) in jail.  The statement unifies the people to “overthrow the Islamic Republic, the biggest obstacle in the way of freedom, prosperity, democracy, progress, and human rights.”  Tens of thousands of Iranians have already expressed support in liberating Iran.  There are plenty of grounds for dissent in Iran, including corruption and mismanagement of the economy, punitive US sanctions, government repression, banning of popular charities, and the unprecedented shutting down of the internet and communications, seemingly at will.

You may recall that just a couple years ago, over $1 billion dollars (US) in cash was sent on a plane directly to the Mullah’s.  Think about that for a second.  Imagine that for a second.  That was essentially what amounted to a cash bribe (along with other diplomatic handouts) by the US Obama administration in order to get the Iranian government to sign off on the JCPOA nuclear treaty.  Did all that money help the former US President’s promise of “Iranian reform?” Did it see the Iranian economy recover, alleviating the average middle-class citizen? No, and no.  Apparently, not even one bit.  Zilch!  And get this, every single cent was spent on military debts, ballistic missile programs and acquiring weapons to send to their proxies in order to carry out the various nefarious (terrorist) agendas in the Middle East.

In light of the above, here are some steps that can be taken in an effort to empower Iran’s democratic opposition in order to topple the current regime:

  • A boycott of the despotic Presidential elections in June
  • Finding out who the players are and making efforts to unite people to back the new leaders by means of social media
  • Arrange for third-party observers to join the IAEA in performing surprise inspections for all the nuclear facilities
  • Arrange for observers to be stationed at the state-run media broadcasting stations
  • Write your (Republican) congressman to expose the regime’s crimes and lay the groundwork for a democratic takeover
  • Arrange for bringing Iranian officials to justice at the Hague and other international courts, and then prosecute them for inciting genocide and murdering countless innocent Jews, Christians, and Muslims across the world
  • Buy your own green wristbands to wear and show your solidarity

Iranians are not Arabs, and Arabs are not Iranians. If you happen to have the bad luck to make the mistake of mixing those two up, you’re in for your fair share of criticism!  Even though Iran is in the Arab neighbourhood, Persians are not tribal, they are not (and were never) nomads, and they don’t have the same culture or language as their Arab brothers. In fact, they speak and write Farsi, a language that is far more refined, worldly, and intellectual.  Further, Persians don’t fit into the standard Arab makeup. This is the reason by the way, that the Arab Spring failed, i.e., because Arabs generally have a tribal/feudal mentality built in for centuries whereby the strongest wins, etc.  There’s no such thing as democracy, except for the fact that they consider it a weakness, and will take advantage of it to get what they want (as we see in the case of the Palestinian Authority).  Of course, there are exceptions that can always be found.

The glorious history of Iran includes an ancient Jewish community dating back over 2500 years to the time of Queen Esther when the Persian Empire ruled the world (127 provinces), and the many sacred archaeological artifacts that can be found there from that period.  All of this many centuries before the advent of Islam and Christianity.  The people, including a proud Jewish population of over 100,000, look back longingly at the times before 1979 when people were happy and free, and society was thriving with all religions living together in peace, including many churches and other places of worship.  Fact is (if you’re old enough to remember), during the 1970’s the United States and Israel were united against Israel’s enemies!

A recent survey, published by GAMAAN, revealed that around 80% of the Iranian people would vote NO in a free referendum on the Islamic Republic as such.  This poll confirms that the citizens are sick and tired of being part of a Shiite theocracy and the deceit that goes along with it as propagated by the state media.  However, international pressure and access to evidence, as in the case of the downed Ukrainian passenger jet last January, can force the regime to uphold the inalienable right to truth.

In the meantime though, at the end of the day, we know that no statements being issued by the Ayatollahs can be taken at face value, due in part to the regime’s Kafkaesque propaganda and punishment machine.

At the risk of sounding redundant, time really is of the essence in this case. Let’s hope and pray that all of us can provide support for this insurrection, what I’m calling the ‘Persian Spring,’ so that it happens before Iran turns into a nuclear power and Caliphate.

Right before our eyes.