May 11, 2021


Israeli rabbi Shlomo Katz, who was on his way to Mount Meron on Thursday was interviewed on CNN and recounted the moments of the tragedy and what it all means on a spiritual level.

Acknowledging that he could have been among the dead, he added that it could have been “hundreds of thousands of more as well.”

“This is the largest gathering Israel has throughout the year.”

When asked about anger that some in Israel are feeling, the rabbi explained that “whatever the media portrays, we’re one big beautiful family. When we have a tragedy like this, anger takes a back seat. And comfort and condolences and genuine care and love is in the front seat.”

“That is what we will all be surrounded with for the next few days if not weeks or months.”

Although Rabbi Katz said that there will be people who will have to “pay up” for what happened, he added that “everyone is trying to do their best.”

Regarding the outpouring of international support, he stated: “We feel the love from all over the world,” he said adding “Jewish and non-Jewish people reaching out and opening their heart is truly, truly meaningful.”

“We’re dealing with it the way we know how. Open our hearts wide and hopefully, have more patience with each other as we get through this national tragedy together” he concluded.