May 11, 2021

Rashida Tlaib’s latest jab at Israel appears to be a case of victim-blaming against Israel for supposedly igniting tensions in Jerusalem for chants they made during a protest.
The Israel Advocacy Movement has released a video breaking down her propaganda saying the following:
Rashida Tlaib is demonizing Israel again. She just tweeted during the holy month of Ramadan “Palestinians are met with mobs of Israeli settlers calling on the death of Arabs. The anti-Palestinian violence was not stopped by the Israeli government.”
What actually happened couldn’t be further from this. At the beginning of Ramadan, violent Arab thugs started attacking religious jews at random throughout Israel and then uploading the videos to Tiktok. These random attacks quickly evolved into a violent anti-jewish riot in response to a far-right Jewish group protest…However, while a few jews were chanting shameful slogans, Arab thugs were actually trying to kill any jew they could Obviously, Rashida didn’t speak up for the Jewish victims of these attacks. When has she ever tweeted about Jewish victims of Palestinian terror? Never, and as for her claim that the Israeli government did nothing – That’s a straight-up lie. The police did an incredible job restraining and arresting people from both sides. Since that protest, Hamas launched a barrage of rockets at Israeli civilians forcing tens of thousands of Israelis to hide in bomb shelters. Rashida said nothing when terrorists tried to murder Jews.