May 11, 2021


After a year of lockdowns from the covid crisis, Jerusalem’s ‘Open House’, announced on Wednesday that a date has been set for the renewal of the 2021 Gay ‘Pride Parade’ in Jerusalem which is set to take place on Thursday, June 3. The LGBT group added that due to budgetary limitations, there will be no convention following the march in Jerusalem’s Independence Park.

The ‘Open House’ acts as the umbrella organization for all LGBT activities in Israel.

“This year’s parade will be different than previous years,” the Open House wrote on their Facebook page. “The Open House’s bank account has been affected by corona and therefore instead of the concerts at Independence Park as we are used to – we will instead disperse following the march and watch a special television program that is geared towards welcoming Pride Month featuring performers from the incredible people of our Jerusalem pride community. Aside from the parade, the Open House is planning large pride events in the city that will be updated together with the route of the parade.

Last year, Jerusalem’s Open House petitioned the courts complaining that the municipality practices discriminatory budget practices and demands to receive an annual budget of 1.2 M.

The head of the Open House, Alon Shahar said: “After a full year where we were closed inside our homes, we invite the entire public and residents of the city to go outside and take part in the pride parade. This year’s parade will be an opening ceremony for more events and activities that will happen during Pride Month whose entire purpose is to advance pluralism, equality, and tolerance in our special city.”