Oct 05, 2022
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On Israel’s 73rd Independence Day, a new video released by the World Mizrachi movement reveals ten living prophecies written in the Bible that are coming true today in 2021.

Rabbi Doron Perez, executive chairman of the World Mizrachi Organization, breaks down the top ten Biblical prophecies that can be experienced in Israel today.

Some of the prophecies mention include Ezekiel 36:

 But you, O mountains of Yisrael, shall yield your produce and bear your fruit for My people Yisrael, for their return is near. (Ezekiel 36:8)

Also mentioned is Isaiah 2:

 For instruction shall come forth from Tzion, The word of Hashem from Yerushalayim. (Isaiah 2:3)

See how they and other Torah prophecies about Israel are coming to fruition in our time.