Dec 08, 2021

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Pro-Palestinian protesters the world over have turned violent and begun physically assaulting, committing property damage, and theft in certain instances, all in the name of “Palestine”. Often the response from local police is too little and too late to protect the well-being of bystanders or people who show up in support of Israel during dual or counter protests.

In a response to two recent protests that turned violent in Canada, one in Toronto the other in Calgary, one TV interviewer, from Sun News said; “This is not even about Israel and Gaza. This is about the right to peacefully protest, and for the police to do their job properly, and not become political.”

The protest in Calgary left a woman unconscious after being beaten by pro-Palestinian thugs during a ‘peaceful’ protest. The protest turned violent and numerous pro-Israel protesters were accosted, beaten and had flags and other items stolen during the protest. One participant, Shane Hamilton, was concussed and even bitten by Palestinian supporters.

While in Toronto, one pro-Israel rally participant was stabbed and rushed to the hospital. In both cases, police have declined to press charges. In Calgary, police had neglected to show up to the protest, even though they had received advanced notification of both both protests, and been asked to show up to keep the peace.

The Sun News network has hired a criminal lawyer, Rebecca Snukal, who will be looking into creating a criminal lawsuit as well as a possible civil lawsuit in reaction to the incidents that took place in Calgary.

In New York, in one of the largest pro-Israel rallies organized by Jewish City Council members and the Jewish Community Relations Council, pro-Israel activists were surrounded by a pro-Palestinian counter rally, who began chanting anti-Israel slogans defaming Israel.


Protests in Boston took place with a “die-in” by pro-Palestinian supporters mimicking the deaths of Palestinians caused by the IDF. The demonstrators swarmed Jewish students who later reported that police had to “rescue them”. They then began pushing, shoving, and screaming at the students, “Jews back to Birkenau” and “Drop dead, you Zionist whores.”

Meanwhile in Chicago,thousands of people took to the streets, while smaller numbers protested in Indianapolis, Washington, Dallas, Portland, Atlanta, Kansas City, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and even Tempe, Arizona. While violence in the US so far has only been reported during the Boston and Los Angeles protests, very real threats have been uttered and even sent via text message to some of the pro- Israel supporters.

“The tenor at some of the anti-Israel rallies has been extreme,” said a spokesman for the Anti- Defamation League, “with protesters chanting ‘Death to Israel’ and other hateful messages and slogans.”

As protesters’ rhetoric heats up across Europe and the Western World, it is not surprising that many Jews feel safer in Israel. While some would have us believe that what we are witnessing in many of the world’s most cosmopolitan capitals is boiled-over frustration with Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, what we are really seeing is the need for Israel more than ever.

Pro-Palestinian protesters from CODEPINK and the Wash­ing­ton, D.C. Metro Jew­ish Voice for Peace. (Photo: ADL Blog)

Pro-Palestinian protesters from CODEPINK and the Wash­ing­ton, D.C. Metro Jew­ish Voice for Peace. (Photo: ADL Blog)

As the protests turn to riots, and the police sometimes, if not often, turn a blind eye, the message becomes abundantly clear. Only in Israel can Jews know deep down, that with every resource available, and without any overriding agenda, they will be defended to the death.

In spite of what these protesters may try to convince the world of, Israel’s operation in Gaza is not causing deep-seated prejudices, it is revealing them. And behind all of that hatred lies the need for Israel—the case for Jewish sovereignty is the case for Jewish safety.