Dec 05, 2021

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The Disney Channel last week broadcasted a Passover public service announcement that replaced a traditional phrase that Jews recite at the Passover Seder:  “Next year in Jerusalem” with “Next year in the Holy Land.”

In a clip of the video that was previewed by The Algemeiner, the PSA showed young teenagers discussing the Passover holiday before saying in unison: “Next year in the Holy Land!”

Some took offense to the Jewish phrase dating back thousands of years. B’nai B’rith International tweeted a screenshot of the segment writing, “This is a deliberate negation of Jerusalem as the eternal Jewish capital. We call for the #disneychannel PSA to accurately depict this sacred Jewish custom related to our holiest city.”

The Zioness Movement labeled the replacement as “utterly outrageous,” while Todd Richman, co-chair of Democratic Majority for Israel tweeted: “@DisneyChannel for 2,000 years Jews at the Passover Seder have said ‘next year in Jerusalem!’ And now you decide to change it after a couple of thousand years? You sure about that?”

Disney’s founder Walt Disney was known to be a Nazi sympathizer. Mr. Disney often attended meetings of the American Nazi party and  hosted Nazi movie director Leni Riefenstahl when she arrived to promote a movie in 1938, a month following the notorious Kristallnacht pogrom.

Disney Channel did not immediately respond to Israel365’s request for comment.