May 18, 2022

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Covid restrictions in Canada are being enforced with an iron fist and there’s no sanctuary to escape from them, apparently not even churches.

This can be evidenced by a recent viral video showing Canadian health inspectors under police escort entering a Polish Church. Noting that they don’t have a warrant, the pastor proceeds to instruct them to leave.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Cave of Adullam Church in Alberta, Canada, can be heard refusing to negotiate with the health inspector until they provide a warrant. “Get out of the property you Nazis! Gestapo is not allowed here!” he could be heard yelling.

“Nazis are not welcome here!” Pawlowski yelled as the security forces retreated.

“Intimidating people in the church during Passover!…The holiest Christian festival of the year…What is wrong with those sick psychopaths?!” he could be heard saying after the inspectors and police left the premise.