Oct 01, 2022
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Israel365 News correspondent Josh Wander spoke with Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz about his experience at the Western Wall during the massive priestly blessing that takes place every year on the Passover holiday.

Wander reports that after the Kohanim washed their hands, they as well as the rest of the Jewish worshippers, were stopped by guards from approaching the Western Wall. That’s because too many people were trying to gain access to the site but the guards couldn’t allow everyone in due to covid restrictions.

But the Western Wall guards couldn’t let everyone in and therefore, had to prioritize access for the Kohanim exclusively. And so, the guards of the site checked the last names of those seeking access to decipher who has the pedigree as a Kohen and who isn’t. Those who were deemed to be of the priestly lineage were allowed access. Those who didn’t were denied access to the podium where the blessing was to take place.

This phenomenon hasn’t happened since the first and second Temple period whereby guards stood outside the Temple to determine that the high priests were indeed who they said they were and that they could trace their lineage back to Aharon, the brother of Moses.

Berkowitz called the development “amazing steps leading up to redemption.”