Jun 29, 2022
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Jerusalem, Israel, March 17, 2021, For Immediate Release…. The Genesis 123 Foundation and COGIC (Church of God In Christ) Israel Jurisdiction have announced the joint hosting of a gripping webinar addressing the common history of Jews and African Americans as slaves. “Common History, Common Destiny: the Jewish and African American Experience of Slavery and Liberation through the Prism of Passover” will take place on Monday April 29 at 8:00pm Israel time (1:00pm eastern/10:00am Western time in the US).

Jews and African Americans are the only people, as a people, to share the common history of slavery and redemption, and from which the perpetuating of the history of these can be redeeming in of itself. Many black slaves in America learned to read by reading the bible, and found hope that, in God’s liberating of the Jewish people, they, too, would be liberated.

“For 3500 years, the Jewish people have celebrated the Biblical festival of Passover, retelling the story of their slavery and redemption. They say Avadeim Hayeinu – we were slaves, and embrace that as part of their past and future. Yet many Americans, particularly white Americans say ‘why are black people still talking about slavery? Why can’t they just get over it and move on?’ It’s only been 158 years since our emancipation from slavery, but those same white Americans seem to understand and accept the Jewish people still talking about their exodus from slavery 3,500 years later. Obviously, we need to talk and help some people understand that slavery and its associated freedom from it, will always be in our DNA and we must openly remember it, zachor, just like the Jewish people,” noted Bishop Glenn Plummer of the COGIC Israel Jurisdiction. “God is at the center of that Biblical story, and this is a reminder that he must be at the center of our lives still today.”

Jonathan Feldstein, President of the Genesis 123 Foundation added, “We have a shared history of being slaves, Jews and African Americans, albeit through different experiences 3000 years apart. We can learn and grow together from these. Jews always understood this, and stood with blacks during the Civil Rights movement. These are strong foundations upon which to explore our past and our future together, through the prism of Passover and particularly the Seder.”

Bishop Plummer and Feldstein will host an interactive dialogue covering a wide range of topics including: How did Passover and the Exodus inspire black slaves for generations? How have Jews embraced and remembered their enslavement 3500 years ago? How can that be an inspiration to African Americans today? What are the elements of the Passover Seder that can be particularly significant to African Americans? And more.

Join the Genesis 123 Foundation and COGIC Israel Jurisdiction for this unprecedented event. Limited participation will be available by Zoom and those interested should contact the Genesis 123 Foundation. The program will be broadcast live on the Genesis 123 Foundation Facebook and YouTube pages.

For details, to join by Zoom, to learn about the other programs part of the Global Passover Prayer for Israel, to sponsor or partner with us, please contact Gen123Fdn@gmail.com.