May 16, 2022

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Is idol worship being subtly promoted in the middle of Jerusalem?

Some Israelis believe so. That’s because in the heart of an upscale outdoor shopping mall adjacent to the Old City is a sculpture on proud display featuring a rather disturbing combination of images.

An explorer in Jerusalem

The statue, is entitled the ‘Columbus Panel’, features symbols relating to the journey of Christopher Columbus on the Santa Maria. But many are taking issue with what stands at the base of the structure – the Aztec serpent god Quetzalcoatl. Literally, his name means  ‘serpent of precious feathers’, but in the allegorical sense, it translates to ‘wisest of men.’

Associating wisdom to a serpent was what led to the sin of Eve upon eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Behind the image of the idol is a passage from the Book of Ezekiel in Hebrew, English and Spanish:

 All the inhabitants of the coastlands Are appalled over you; Their kings are aghast, Their faces contorted. (Ezekiel 27:35)


A deeper message?

Rabbi Asor told Israel365 News that the sulpture is definitely related to “the cabal” and represents “Pirates kidnapping the earth to enact the New World Order. The serpent represents the illuminati and the shadow government kidnapping the earth. They are fighting against humanity to take over.”

The Ezekiel quote is referring to Tyre who “represents the Jesus of the ancient freemasons” the rabbi claims. That’s because according to Rabbi Asor, King Tyre was resurrected from the dead after three days following his suicide.

“They want you to view it as having a double meaning so that some people will assume it’s just Christopher Columbus. It represents the evils of the cabal taking over the world to create a new world order and to depopulate humanity” the rabbi adds.

Israel365 New’s Josh Wander asked passerbyers about the statue who appear to be dumbfounded.

“It is fortelling what is to come very soon” Rabbi Asor added saying that in the old City, “people are beginning to walk around dressed like free masons and lucifer is being projected on the city’s ramparts.”

A different perspective

But Tzippi Vital, the art director of the Mimilla Mall disagrees with the rabbi telling Israel365 News that it is indeed a statue of Christopher Columbus. The sculpture she says, is created by the late artist Frank Meisler, a Polish Jew who was born in the Free City of Danzig. After fleeing Poland on the kindertransport, Meisler grew up in England eventually studying architecture at the University of Manchester before moving to Israel. Although both of his parents perished in the Holocaust, Meisler was awarded the Federal Republic of Germany’s Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit in 2012, in recognition of his services to German-Jewish and German-Israeli relations.

According to Meisler, the back of the statue “illustrates navigational instruments, maps, seamen and mapmakers such as Rabbi Abraham Zacuto, Cresques and Vecinho, whose works made the great voyages of the 15th century possible (and whose “reward” was the infamous expulsion of their people).”

There are only four statues like it in the world; one in Lisbon, Madrid, Granada, and Gerona. The sculpture was crafted from gold, silver and bronze. It is selling for $100,000.

“The statue is still not full and will be completed after Passover” Vitla added.